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Posted by on Jan 23, 2013 in Health | 0 comments

Health Benefits of Leisure

People use their leisure time to engage in activities that include both exercises as well as other stress-relieving recreational activities.

Leisure and Recreation is the largest industry in the world. The benefits of leisure and recreation as an important part of life are easy to see. As an industry, it offers a variety of related employment and creates billions of dollars in revenue.

The health benefits of leisure are well-known. People use their leisure time to engage in activities that include both exercises as well as other stress-relieving recreational activities. Exercises provide a lot of health benefits such as cardiovascular benefits, reducing cholesterol and hypertension, improving spinal and neurological problems, increasing bone mass and muscles, increasing lung capacity, and improving overall wellness. Entertainment activities also has its share of benefits by relieving stress, reducing tension, soothing mind and body, bringing about positive changes in attitude, and improving social communication and interaction. These psychological changes also impact physical health in a positive manner.

Economic benefits

Health Benefits of Leisure

Health Benefits of Leisure

If you need to exercise or relax, you need the time, space, and opportunity to do so. The places of recreation are unlimited these days. It is a complete industry in itself like the hospitality industry. Leisure and fun-time activities are a big-time business today. Whether it is the play station and play areas at the malls and cinemas, or the resorts where you just spend your weekend, all are intended to ensure you enjoy and relax yourself. And while you relax there are others working around to ensure you get the complete benefit of a holiday. And all this simply means that there is a whole new world of job and business opportunities. Travel and tourism is believed to generate more money flow and income within and between countries. It generates more income than even the agriculture and automobile industries.

Strengthens family bonds

Leisure not only promotes the creation of a better society but also promotes the bonds of family ties. Setting aside time for recreation ensures that you spend more time with family, especially the special people in the family like the elderly and little children. Spending time with family and friends strengthens relationships and thereby strengthens the society as a whole. This integration brings about social cohesion and adds more meaning to life.

Enhance the Immune System

Being active is great for the body in helping to enhance one’s immune system. As a report from Aging Home Health Care states, “Physical activity can help prevent or maintain control in some chronic illnesses such as: heart disease, diabetes arthritis, and even some types of cancer.” Physical activity done over a consistent period can also help in improve overall quality of life and assist in longevity.

Improve Memory

Many hobbies will challenge your mental abilities and enhance your problem solving skills. Most hobbies also offer mental stimulation in reference to completing the task.

Physical Health Benefits of Leisure

We all would agree to the fact that getting involved in leisure and recreational activities acts as a stress buster, right? With the absence of leisure activities in one’s life, the prolonged existence of stress also triggers various physical health complications like heart problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, and so on. Mentioned below are some key points on how leisure can prove to be beneficial to physical health.

Reduces Obesity

Desk jobs that adults do, or absence of physical activities for children can lead to obesity, which itself is linked to various health issues. So, instead of joining a gym, spend some ‘fun’ time in activities like hiking, camping, skiing, and swimming to shed those extra kilos.

Reduces Risk Factors of Chronic Diseases

As mentioned earlier, a combination of stress and obesity can lead you under the risk zone of various chronic diseases like diabetes, heart problems, blood pressure, Osteoporosis and even cancer! Because engaging in recreational activities reduces the risk factors like stress and obesity, it also reduces the chances of developing these diseases.

Strengthens Your Immune System

Research reveals that people who are more physically active tend to have reduced stress levels in their body and mind. They are less likely to fall ill and have reduced medical expenses and hospital stays as compared to a person who is physically inactive.

Increases Life Expectancy

Who doesn’t want to live a long, healthy, and happy life? And it is possible only when one tends to bring about a balance in work and play and focuses on spending some quality time in doing both. A balanced lifestyle is the only key to a healthy and prosperous living.

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